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    Packing tips from
    Geelong’s experienced removalists

    At Zippy Removals, we can assist with all aspects of the packing process for our customers, but if you prefer to do the packing yourself, here are a few tips to ensure it goes smoothly.

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    Plan ahead and make sure you have enough packing supplies for all your possessions.
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    Make sure everything’s packed and ready to go when the removal team arrives.
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    Use quality packing boxes and supplies which are strong and easier to stack.
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    Butcher’s paper, tape, bubble wrap, marker pens and other packing supplies will make the process easier.
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    Pack items in appropriately sized boxes e.g. large boxes for linen, smaller boxes for heavier goods like books.
    Cross tape the bottom of each box first as this will make the box safer and sturdier.
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    Large paintings and pictures should be bubble-wrapped for protection. Smaller pictures can be wrapped in bubble-wrap or paper and stacked on their edge in boxes.
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    Make sure boxes are packed to the top, to prevent collapse when another box is placed on top. Tape the top of each box and label them correctly with regards to their contents and room destination.
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    When packing fragile items, place a layer of screwed up paper in the bottom of the box first, and then pack heavier items towards the bottom of the box, wrapping each item individually. Place plates and platters on their edge. Glasses and cups should be packed upright, not on their side. Finish off each box with screwed up newspaper or linen on top.
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    Anything that will fit in a box should be packed into a box. This makes the removal quicker, cheaper and easier.
    If you follow these packing tips, the packing process will be much quicker and more seamless. However, if you lack the time or the supplies, contact ZippyRemovals and we’ll do it for you! We can supply all the necessary packing materials and will pack as much or as little as you like.

    Call us today on 03 5277 1199 to request a free quote or for packing tips from our professional team.  

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